Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Jean Machine?

Amethyst Jeans is running their Jean Machine Tour this Fall again. This innovated marketing tour is spreading brand awareness across the midwest and east coast. Check out their facebook page and website! Also, make sure you keep an eye out at your local stores and local college campus to see if their truck will make an appearence.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

NYFW Sp 2012 Round Up

I know it has been far to long since I have posted. Shame shame on me. I have been quiet busy and tired with my new job that I love. I tried to get a look as much of New York's Fashion Week as I could through Style.com. I would get spurts here and there when work was slow or at lunch. I am giving a highlight of a few of my faves sans all the fashion technical terminology.

To begin with I have a new favorite designer Alice+Olivia. You can check out their Spring 2012 runway collection at Style.com website for Alica+Olivia Spring 2012. To begin with they have a spunky funky website that makes you want to buy the clothes because they look so good on a computer. I am all about easy navigation and research, especially when it comes to fashion. A+ number one!

This show was the first Stacey Bendet included a full line of shoes. (A+ 2) I find it wholesome when designers not only design clothes but the shoes as well. It brings the runway show full circle. I loved their justified florals. Not too big, too small, too much or too little, just enough for any women to wear without feeling like they are wearing garden. Don't get me wrong, I love gardens, I have a dream to have my very own secret garden; I just feel no need to wear it. The whimsical color blocking and accents brings resort and cruise wear to the mainland for everyday wear. What really caught my eye was the hint to not just one era of fashion but many. (A+ 3) A+O interpreted the flapper girl of the 20s with beaded type fringe, channeled the 70s with flared bottom pants and even brought back the 60s with wide modish belts and the classic color blocking of the time.

Another line that caught my eye was Diesel Black Gold. Their runway show left me wanting to learn more and study their collection. They mixed classic tailored pieces with metallic, but not in the usual way of accessories but metallic garments. It is an accessory in itself. I am a HUGE fan of the button-up shirt and their twist on it. I like taking this classic piece away from the suit and office and giving it some life. Diesel paired it with pretty much everything including metallic shorts with the hem of the shirt peaking out of the bottom as to say 'hey I am still here'. Sleek, chic, and tastefully soft with spurts of pastel colors and draping.

Click on the links and check out the collections yourself!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Weekend Sewing Project

I bought a shirt a few weeks back and got a spark of inspiration. I had some similar fabric and wanted to make lace flowers for weeks. After a few hours of pattern making and sewing, here is the final result. A simple kimono short sleeve shirt with a center back seam.

Apron Flashback

I know it has been a bit since I have post. Hurricanes, life, and a new job have gotten in the way. I survived my first week as a Technical Design Assistant. wooohooo!

My mom owns a bakery and I love to sew. (I am a pretty good baker too.) I have been into countless kitchen supply stores. I have seen so many bland boring aprons. I have also seen 50s inspired ones as well. I decided why not make my own since I have plenty of fabric and trims!

These aprons can be worn with the tie at the back or the front! Let me know what you think!